Safe And Legal Ways To Use Gadgets In The Car

One of the most important lessons of learning how to drive is to stay focused while driving and not allow any distractions to get your attention off the road. Part of these distractions are gadgets such as phones and music players that might get your attention for long enough time that an accident can happen without you possessing the ability to react to it in time. These can cause serious accidents and even the risk of death, but sometimes urgent calls and matters concerning your gadgets do exist. Are there safe and legal ways to use gadgets in the car?

  • Use mounts for your gadgets for easy access. Tech Advisor says mounts for gadgets are the “in” thing, especially for states that are starting to crack down on people who are using their phones when their eyes should be on the wheel. Some states allow the usage of mounts provided they are at a distance that is still viewable through peripheral vision, but not distracting enough to obstruct the view of drivers. These measurements can be tricky to assess, but being able to position these attachments properly inside your car can make it easy for you to make small adjustments to your gadgets when you need them, such as when using navigational software.
  • Opt for voice activated software or touch free gadgets. If the primary concern when it comes to using gadgets while driving is for you to have a lot of things to tinker with that may have you lose focus, then opt for voice activated software instead. Some phones already have voice activated assistants, which means you can use your voice to actually tell them what you want to do. This might take training and time, especially if you and your device’s voice assistant have differences with pronunciation. However, learning how to work your way around your device with only your voice can save you a lot of trouble while inside the vehicle.

  • If it’s too urgent to ignore, pull over and settle the matter. You might be on your way to work when one of your staff calls because of an angry client. When things like these happen, the tendency is for you to want to take the call immediately and settle things while you’re on way to the office. This ideally works, but remember that if your emotions start to get ahead of you, you may not be able to focus on driving properly. If the matter is extremely urgent, perhaps you can pull over somewhere safe and talk with the client yourself over the phone. If they want to speak with you personally, then pull over, tell them about where you are, and ask if they can wait before being on your way.


As you may have learned, perhaps the most important aspect of being able to use the gadgets in the car is to use it without driving as much as possible. If a matter is too urgent for you not to attend to, then perhaps the best method to deal with it is to stop the car and settle matters from inside your vehicle. Remember that laws exist for you to follow, and they are there to make sure everyone isn’t just having a comfortable time, but they are safe as well from risks especially in traffic. If there’s anything the above may have shared, it’s that there’s still a legal compromise when it comes to using gadgets in the car, but they still have to be done legally. Click here to learn more about the legalities of using gadgets in the car.