Essential ethnic wear for women

Kurtis, sarees and salwar kameez sets…every woman needs these ethnic wear items in their wardrobe. 

For centuries, Indian women have been known to pull out all the stops when it comes to looking drop dead gorgeous. The Indian woman knows what looks good on her and how to underline her best features with the right clothing, jewellery and make-up. Some of the world’s most ancient beauty and skin care secrets originate from India. Blessed with beautiful complexions and striking features, Indian women are adept at sporting traditional attire to its advantage.

There are many kinds of ethnic Indian wear, but the most popular ones today are kurtis and kurtas, sarees and salwar kameez sets. Over the years, these clothing types have morphed into newer and more contemporary forms, with different cuts and styling. For example, while the saree can be draped in different ways, the salwar kameez can be a kurti-Palazzo set or a stunning Anarkali. Fashion is never constant, and these changes in outlook have manifested themselves in ethnic wear. For proof, just take a look at the range of online kurtis, sarees, dress materials and ready salwar kameez sets on leading fashion websites. You will be amazed at the sheer variety in colour, fabric, style, embellishment and even in price!

We’ve listed the most essential ethnic wear items that every woman should own. They bring out her ethereal beauty and complement her body type in every season. They are, in no particular order –

* Kurtis. Kurtis are timeless ethnic garments that every woman owns in her lifetime. Several years ago, the kurti was available in just one simple style, and it was worn over a salwar or a churidar. Today, however, the once-humble kurti has attained a more glamourous visage, with designers experimenting with hemlines, length, fabrics and sleeves. If you haven’t got any latest designs yet, buy online kurtis from leading fashion websites. Take a look at the newest collections; it might be a good idea to buy new pants and churidars to go with your new online kurtis. Also pick up new footwear – wedge sandals and flats are two of many options – and other accessories like bags and jewellery.

* Sarees.The timelessness of a saree is what makes it a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. A saree is for every woman, young or old, rich or poor. It drapes over all your imperfections and makes you look stately and stylish. The best part is, sarees are available in many fabrics and designs, so you can actually browse for hours and find several perfect sarees to complement your skin tone and preferences. Once you buy the sarees, look for ready blouses and shapewear instead of the usual cotton petticoats to wear underneath.

* Salwar kameez sets. Most Indian women have worn a salwar kameez at least once in their lives. A salwar kameez is elegant, and it complements the typical Indian figure really well. Over the years, the salwar kameez has evolved into different styles, with shorter kurtis, or flared bottoms, or kurtas worn with palazzos, or short kurtis teamed with Patialas, etc. There are many ways to rock a salwar kameez set today. Start by buying the season’s newest styles in online kurtis and salwars to fill your wardrobe this summer.