Daytripping Around NZ’s North Island: Things to Do

Have you found yourself in New Zealand on the North Island and you’re wondering what to do? The good news is that you don’t have to sit there doing nothing; North Island is full of things to do and you can easily day-trip in a campervan hire New Zealand to exciting destinations.

To help you enjoy life as you know it, we have compiled the following places to see and things to do, so you never have to say that you’re bored in New Zealand again. While South Island tends to boast of having the most gorgeous and iconic areas, North Island shouldn’t be ignored. It’s full of beautiful spots and fun experiences. Check them out:

  • Visit the Bay of Islands-If you’re in the mood for sun and sand, you may want to visit the Bay of Islands for a day or two. It’s a gorgeous area with crystalline waters and beaches that have yet to be overtaken by mass tourism. It’s also where those who enjoy game fishing love to go when visiting New Zealand. If you want to see some of New Zealand’s best beaches, take a day to check out the islands. It’s also a place that is well-known for Maori history and traditions, if you’re looking to get to know more about New Zealand’s history.
  • Check out the thermal springs in Rotorua- Rotorua is ideal for relaxing in hot thermal pools and enjoying a different kind of atmosphere. It’s also one of the best places that you can go to in the North Island for getting to know more about the Maori culture. From participating in a haangi to exploring a local Maori village, make sure to keep Rotorua in mind for your next day trip in a campervan hire New Zealand. You can definitely get to see quite a bit in one day, but to truly take advantage of all that there is to experience and understand about Maori culture, consider staying longer.
  • Go skydiving near Whangarei-Skydiving is an adventure anywhere, but especially in Whangarei, where you will have breathtaking views of the coastline while you “fly” out of a plane. If you’re planning on skydiving while in New Zealand, consider skydiving over Whangarei.
  • Go wine tasting in Hawke’s Bay-Hawke’s Bay is notorious for it’s wine, so why not leave the adventure for another day and go on a different kind of adventure. Tasting a variety of wines can surely be a new experience and a rewarding one. From Askerne Estate Winery to Abbey Cellars and Clearview State Winery, there is a plethora of wineries for you to choose from to enjoy a day unlike any other. New Zealand may not be as well-known as some other “wine” destinations, but it definitely has some great bottles that you’ll want to try.
  • Go hiking in Tongariro National Park-If you like wine and you like hiking, you should probably do hiking first and wine tasting later. Tongariro National Park is an excellent choice for hiking in the North Island. From shorter walks to longer day treks, there is something for every kind of outdoorsman. You can take a day trip to Tongariro National Park for some fresh air or pack up your campervan and make it a multiple-day experience.
  • Take pictures at Cathedral Cove-Cathedral Cove is a gorgeous spot that will surely provide you with the photo opportunity that you´ve been looking for. An arched cavern is the backdrop for many a beach photo and with good reason—it lends an air of unearthly beauty. Whether you take pictures on a cloudy day or a sunny one, you can be sure that this gorgeous marine reserve is worth visiting.
  • Hobbiton Movie Set-If you’ve seen the Hobbit and loved it, well you can’t miss out on taking a day trip to the Hobbiton Movie Set. It’s an extremely rewarding experience and one that you can only have on the North Island.

Whether you’re into the great outdoors or you prefer sipping on rose, there is something for every kind of traveler in New Zealand’s north island. Because it isn’t very big, you can easily make day trips out of several of these experiences.

Wine tasting, movie sets, skydiving, beaches, and mountains—what doesn’t New Zealand have? It seems to have it all, doesn’t it? It’s one reason why it’s on many people’s bucket list of places that they want to see at least once.

If you want to road trip throughout the island, consider renting a campervan hire New Zealand.  This way you can see the best places in the most comfortable way. North Island is just one part of the beautiful country known as New Zealand and worth taking your time to get to know. Have a fabulous day trip on North Island!